22 August 2011

Angels of Redemption Veteran Sergeant WIP

It's been a while but I finally finished building my Veteran Sergeant. Just in time to enter him in a conversion contest that Heresy Online is running. Hopefully I can now get him painted in time to enter their painting contest as well. We'll see. I also tried a new post production style in an effort to make my photos a little more professional looking. I think it turned out well.

The shell casings are something new that I decided to try. I know that fluff-wise bolt ammunition doesn't actually have casings but some of the model bolt weapons still have ejection ports on them. Oh, and shell casings just look plain cool. I made them with glass beads and then capped one end with green stuff and used a pin to put a dimple in it to resemble the primer of a fired casing.

The sheathed sword was my biggest speed bump and my first little bit of scratch building. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to pull it off but I think it came out reasonably well. It's just a length of plasticard with some green stuff and jewelry chain.

Stay tuned for more.

 - Dugatron


  1. This is a really nice conversion with great use of green stuff. The left shoulderpad is particularly fab.

  2. The shoulder pad is awesome. Was it a pressmold or did you sculpt it and if you pressed it, where did you get the parts?

    Also, add a follow widget so I can follow you!

  3. Sendraks: Thanks for the comment mate.

    Old School Terminator: Thanks for the kind words. I made the shoulder pad detail with Instant Mold. The full post is under March in the Archive if you fancy reading the whole thing. As for the bits used, the skull is from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue and the wings were cut from a Dark Angels icon from the Dark Angels Veterans box.

    Oh and I added the follow widget again. I had it up there before but I don't know what happened to it. Follow away!

  4. Very nice conversion, wish my greenstuff was close!

  5. great work with the green stuff here. A very very good job!!!

  6. great work with the green stuff here. A very very good job!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words!

      Tragically this represents some of my most complete work to date but I'm hoping to change that soon. This one might even get a bit of a make-over!